Moto Track Access

Sans Réservation

Regulation :

The outdoor track is FFM homologated , as well as the dirt section for supermoto.

Motorcycles under 200km / h are allowed. The indoor track is also homologated.


Mandatory equipment on the bike :

- Fluid recuperator

- Water instead of coolant

- Flexible handlebars end or integral hand protectors

- Footpegs protects well held

- Attached kickstand

The sound level is 113 db + 2 maximum


The staff reserves the right to pass a motorcycle to the sound level meter if it considers that it makes too much noise.

Mandatory pilot equipment :

- FFM competition (NCO) license or training (NET) valid

OR a "pass circuit éco" for one day 19€ (here) 

             (asphalt only)

OR a "pass circuit MX" for a day SuperMoto 39€ (here)

            (asphalt + dirt section)

WARNING : Only the licenses issued by the FFM are valid in France for training ! Insurances are not accepted.

Pass circuits are only valid for one day

The chosen date on the pass must correspond with the date of travel

Be careful to select the right track

- Leather suit and gloves (attached if 2 pieces)

- Certified backbone

- Full helmet approved (with mask if helmet cross)

- Motorcycle Boots (Cross Boots Required for the dirt section)

-> Environmental carpet mandatory

In case of dangerous behavior or bike not matching the required specifications ,the staff has the right to deny you the acces to the track without refund

Prices :

Week :

28€ the day

24€ the half day

Week end and public holiday :

35€ the day 

25€ the half day

12€ for an additional pilot

For Supermoto Day only : 50€ by pilot 

50€ for an additional pilot

The year :


The runs are alternating karting / motorcycles / Rental Kart

In all cases, renting remains a priority.

Details of days and times : Click here

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