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A fast and technical, 300 m indoor track !

Sodi 200cc kart for the adults

Sodi 160cc kart for the children

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A 1km outdoor track, guaranteed speed !

Up to 80km/h !

Sodi 270cc kart for the adults

Outdoor Karting

Karting : 270cc Sodi

From 13 years of age and at least 1m45 

17€ per person (for one session) (10 min)

Indoor Karting

Karting : 200cc Sodi 

From 13 years of age and at least 1m45 

17€ per person (for one session) (10 min)

Indoor Children Karting

Karting : 160cc Sodi

From 7 years of age and at least 1m25 

13€ per person (for one session = 10 min)

Untimed session

Drift Karting

Indoor Track

From 13 years of age and at least 1m45

20€ per person (for one session = 10 min)

At least for 2 karts and 5 max per session

Untimed session

Group price

From 15 persons

One time payment for the group

Indoor or Outdoor tracks

15€ per person (for one session = 10min)

10€ karting session

Thursday night offer!

Every thursday nights from 19h and up to 22h 

10€ only one karting session (10min)

On Indoor track only (Except Drift)

Loyalty card
Free !

Requires to be subscribed to our newsletter

One stamp every 17 euros on karting sessions only

10 stamps = 1 free session 17€ worth

Ask to the bar before the payement !

(Except Endurance, Challenge, Prices CE / Association, etc)

Nous ne faisons pas de Réservation
Go Kart Racer

La Piste Extérieure est Fermée

à la Location de Karting

  Jusqu''à nouvel ordre 

1 session of 10 min included :

- a briefing (explications about how the karts works and safety rules)

- a hair net, the lending of a helmet and a neckbrace for the children

- 10 minutes of driving time

- Display of the time of the session (excluding children and drift kart)


Prices depends on the age, not the kind of karts used.

Adluts can also drive with children but only in children kart, price will remain the same (17€)

Staff members are allowed to ask for the identity card.

The buying of one session does not mean you will be the only one on the track.

Closed shoes are mandatory. 

Loose or floating clothes (scarf) are forbidden

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is forbidden. The driver has to remain entirely in control of the kart.Any dangerous behavior may lead to an exclusion with no refund possible.

You can download the internal regulations of Circuit Jura Sud Here or read it on the spot.

We do not take any reservation excluding the following cases:

Races, endurances, birthdays, or associations, school,etc.

For more details about group races (companies, bachelor party boy or girl) please refer to this section : Prices and Races

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